Always Prepared with a Waterproof Flashlight

When you’re going camping or hiking, it’s always good to have some products with you that are durable and able to withstand whatever might happen to them. Essentially, it’s just smart to be prepared whenever you can be. This is something that I’ve learned the hard way a number of times and these days I make sure to try to be prepared for anything.

For instance, I like to bring along waterproof items even if I’m not going to be anywhere near a river or a lake. Sometimes there’s a puddle or a creek somewhere and maybe you slip and your flashlight falls into the water and you start beating yourself up in your head for not thinking to bring a waterproof flashlight with you, especially when you could have gotten one so easily.

Equipped with a Hiking Stick

Hiking is something that I really like to do with my girlfriend on the weekends. We like to go to all different types of places and try our hand at hiking there; sometimes the hike is leisurely and not difficult at all, while other hikes can be grueling and extremely challenging. Depending on the type of hike, I like to make sure to be properly equipped.

Of course, I always bring food and water with me, because those are incredibly important for any type of hike. I like to make certain that I have properly outfitted myself as well. This means that I dress for the part, wear the right shoes, and bring a comfortable backpack along for any of my extra belongings. I also like to bring a hiking stick with me sometimes, as it makes it easier for me to hike.

A Hiking Staff to Help Make Hikes a Little Bit Easier

I have always been a huge klutz, which means that putting me out on a forest trail is one of the most dangerous things that you can do. If I am not tripping over roots, then I am sure to be crashing into the nearest tree or almost falling off the side of the trail. My balance is terrible, which means that any kind of hiking that I do has to be done very carefully.

It is really a shame that I am so bad at walking on a trail, because it is really something that I love to do. I am thinking about investing in a hiking staff so that I am able to navigate my way through the forest a little bit more easily. Of course, there is no guarantee that I won’t just find some way to manage to trip and fall because of a walking stick either.

The Basic Disaster Kit for my Area

Some areas are prone to hurricanes or tornadoes or wildfires. Mine is prone to earthquakes, and by extension (Ring of Fire), volcanic eruption. Oh, I don’t live near enough to a volcano to get mud or lava, but the resulting / causing earthquakes could get me, and so could ashfall. It’s best to be prepared.

So I have an earthquake-rated disaster kit. It has all the standards of food and water and first aid and shelter and communication and light – the things you see in any emergency preparedness kit. It also has earthquake hold putty and dust respirator masks and goggles; all the things I might need for a specific emergency.

The Child Learns to Read a Lensatic Compass

The combination of Scouting and fifth grade seems to have incited Miss Eleven to scientific discovery. You name a science and she’s into it. She watches Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and begs to be allowed to stay up late to watch it, rather than the inane teen sitcoms, thank goodness.

But at the moment, she is very into cartography and spends a lot of time practicing with her lensatic compass and assorted pieces of paper and pencils. She draws maps and makes sky charts and labels things in her terrible handwriting. It is simultaneously adorable and a learning experience.

The Very Best Butane Stove…

…is a completely subjective proposition. My favorite may not be yours, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure; you get the picture. I personally like the Nature’s Quest hiking stove or almost any stove from Stansport, butane or otherwise. It seems silly to fret overmuch about which is the best when the question is subjective.

In any case, what makes a butane stove special is that it burns hotter than the equivalent propane stove, and it allegedly burns cleaner. While I’m sure this is true, you should still never use one indoors; adequate ventilation is too easy to misjudge. No stove rated only for outdoor use should be used indoors.

A Cozy Slumberjack Sleeping Bag Sounds Great for Cold Nights

One of the things that I do not like about camping is being cold in the nighttime. It seems that no matter what I do, I wake up in the middle of the night cold because the zipper of my sleeping bag has come unzipped or because my sleeping bag is just not warm enough to keep me warm at night. This is especially true of nights when it rains while I am camping outside.

For camping this season, I decided that I need a new sleeping bag that will actually keep me warm. I am considering buying a Slumberjack sleeping bag because these are supposed to work even when it is 20 degrees below freezing. It might be a little warm for spring camping, but I would much rather be too warm when I am sleeping outdoors.

Exasperated Parent Buys Internal Frame Backpack

I don’t know what my eleven-year-old daughter does to her school backpack, but we have gone through three this school year alone. The third one was even from the camping section of the store rather than the school supplies area, so one would presume it would be a little tougher. But apparently Harry Potter books are too much for her or something.

So because she is constantly ripping the seams out of her school backpacks, I plan to get her an internal frame backpack when we go back-to-school shopping this August. That’s near the end of camping season, so they should be on clearance, and maybe they’ll be just tough enough that we can use one for the entire school year.

A 2 Person Elite Survival Kit for the Adults

Miss Thirteen lives with her mother, and is only with us on weekends. She has a special survival kit with her asthma inhaler and a sketch pad and pencils. Miss Eleven lives with us, and her kit has an Epi-pen and nut-free food bars, as well as a sketch pad like her step-sister’s. Miss Six has a kiddie-style survival kit, where the bandages are cartoon characters and there is a coloring book and crayons.

But for my husband and me, we found it simpler to get a 2 person elite survival kit rather than tailoring two separate kits. We have thrown a few extra things in, but in general, we just went with the elite kit. It contains everything two adults need for 72 hours of survival time, which is plenty to get us through until we know what’s going on.

The Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi Tool, Among Others

We have twelve multi tools in our household. Oh, all right, I’m exaggerating by counting other multi use objects as multi tools – like my corkscrew also does beer bottles and my rice steamer also steams vegetables and fish – but it’s not that big of an exaggeration – we do have at least four. There is a Leatherman in the kitchen and one on my husband’s desk, and a Bear Grylls multi tool in each bathroom.

It is that – the Gerber Bear Grylls compact multi tool – that is my favorite of the bunch. It is the one I pack when I’m traveling (except by plane; why risk losing it to the TSA?) and the one we take camping with us, in spite of my husband’s affection for his Leatherman. I think that the Bear Grylls multi tool just has so many more tools attached that it’s that much more useful.

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