A Machete is Perfect for Hacking Through the Forest

When I go out on a hike, I always make sure that I have a way to forge my own path if I should end up lost in dense forest eventually. I have taken the wrong path on many occasions or fallen into forest that is denser than I expected. All of these situations could have ended in disaster if I didn’t have survival items to help me.

I have always been glad to be able to get out my compass and map when I become lost in the forest. I have also found that having something to cut away brush such as a machete can be very helpful if I get caught in dense undergrowth. I always bring a knife and other survival items in case I end up really lost and stuck out in the wilderness for a long time.

I Like to Relax in My Slumberjack Sleeping Bag and Stare at the Night Sky

My favorite thing to do is sleep out under the stars. I actually have a tent that has a window on the top. While it’s covered in a clear plastic, I can see the stars painted all over the night sky. I just take out my Slumberjack sleeping bag and relax in the tent. I just stare up ahead and point out constellations.

One of the first constellations I point out is Orion’s belt. It has three very bright stars in it. Through seeing that, I also see the rest of the Orion constellation. He always looks like he’s fighting something. When I’ve decided I’ve done enough stargazing for one night, I roll over in my Slumberjack sleeping bag and get a good night’s sleep.

Purchasing a Dome Tent for Our Camping Trip

I recently decided that it might be a good idea to have a tent of my own since I was going camping regularly, but didn’t have a tent of my own that I could use. I was constantly borrowing tents from my friends and one of them finally asked me why I didn’t just buy mine own since I needed it so often. I decided that he was right and I should buy a tent.

Since I had never owned a tent before, I only had a vague idea about what kind of tent I should purchase. I looked at a whole bunch of different types of tents, but had to ask someone to point me in the right direction to find a tent that I could use for my camping trips. I finally ended up purchasing a really nice dome tent that I used for the rest of the summer.

I Take A Dry Bag With Me On Hiking Trips

A dry bag is great to have so that I can keep my important items safe and dry. I love having a good dry bag so that way I don’t have to worry about it raining and my equipment and cameras and other electronics getting damaged or ruined. A dry bag is very handy to take with me on hiking trips.

I live in the Seattle area and it definitely rains a lot here. I like to go hiking and sometimes I do get caught in the rain. Luckily, I have my dry bag with me to store all of my equipment safely. The bag keeps the water and moisture out and allows me to have the hiking trips that I want to have every time.

Little Donny Is Afraid of the Dark, but a Coleman Lantern Quells His Fears

I love to go out camping on the weekends with my family. I always pack everything we need for our family, since I’m just that kind of person. But since little Donny is afraid of the dark, we always bring adequate lighting so he can still have a great time. So the Coleman lantern we own is always at the top of my priorities list.

I also have another way to make sure Donny doesn’t dread the dark. We play lots of games as a family during nighttime around the lantern. This puts his mind off things and brings a smile to his face. Since playing games is always fun, it’s a great way for him to cope with the darkness near us. I’m sure he’s glad I got the Coleman lantern all those years ago.

When I Pack My Hiking Gear, I’m Prepared for Anything on My Hiking Trip

If you’re prepared for anything, you’re prepared for your hiking trip. That’s what I like to think. I always pack all sorts of hiking gear in my backpack when I go on a hike. You never know what could happen. I always bring some food and water, and I always bring a first aid kit. I also bring a blanket in case it gets cold, and I bring extra socks if mine get too muddy.

Everybody’s different, though. I’m the type of person who will brave nature in all its greatness. I don’t mind walking in mud or puddles, so I always bring another pair of socks. Walking around in wet socks is the worst! But for people who avoid mud and puddles, you probably don’t have to bring socks. Just bring adequate hiking gear that fits you.

I Love Taking My Cooler Bag On Road Trips

Going on road trips is something that I do often and I absolutely love partaking in these kinds of adventures. My cooler bag is something that always keeps my food and drinks fresh and ready. Road trips are so much fun and I make sure that my cooler bag keeps me company on all of them.

I don’t know what I would do without my handy bag. I love that I can pack my lunches into the bag and that I can know that I have fresh and ready-to-eat snacks whenever I want them. My bag is stylish too, and it’s really easy to carry with me everywhere that I want to go. My road trips are much better with my cooler bag.

When It Comes to Outdoor Gear, I Have it All

If you ever look for me, you’ll most likely always find me outside. I just love being in the sun, the rain, and everything in-between. I’m a pretty tough person, if I do say so myself! I just find indoor places to be too cramped. I always feel caged when I’m not outside. And when I go outside, I do all sorts of things.

First of all, I always carry a backpack around with me. Inside that backpack are various outdoor supplies. I like to go fishing a lot, so I find a couple fishing poles in there. I also like to do croquet, so I keep a mini set in there, as well. And I also have various things like Frisbees, footballs, and a kite. When it comes to outdoor gear, I have it all.

I Always Bring Outdoor Survival Equipment With Me On Hikes

A good hike means being out in nature and out in the open air with some great company. My hikes involve venturing out into the mountains around the Seattle area, where I live. This area features many awesome hiking spots, whether you want to drive a little ways, or you want to go several hours away.

Staying safe is very important when going hiking. I always am sure to take some good equipment with me on my hiking trips. I carry these items in my backpack. They include essential items like food and water, but they also include some good outdoor survival equipment. This equipment may save my life if something bad happens.

Since I Have a Coleman Instant Shelter, I Don’t Care if We Get Rained on

Whenever I plan a camping trip, it always seems to get rained on. I guess I just have the worst luck. But no matter what, I still go through with the trip. A little rain never hurt anyone, and I’m always prepared for it. Because when I go camping, I use my Coleman instant shelter to have both a tent and an area outside that’s covered.

So, even if the rain decides to come on my next trip, I can laugh in its face. We still have picnics outside since the instant shelter has a covered area. And we still have tons of fun, even if it’s raining. Last time, we had a game night where we played lots of board games under the shelter. Since our Coleman instant shelter is pretty sturdy, we had fun all night long.

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