Saving a Little Space with a Titanium Spork

Less is more when it comes to packing a bag for camping. I like to make sure that I’ve consolidated everything that I need into one singular bag, so that I’m not lugging around a bunch of stuff if I want to move to another area for my campsite. Sometimes, this means cutting corners in one way or another.

I do this in a lot of ways, but I’ll even do it in the smallest ways imaginable. For instance, rather than bringing along a spoon and a fork, I just take a titanium spork that does everything that I would need it to do. Saving even a tiny amount of space like that can be crucial when packing a bag for camping.

A Hiking Backpack Makes it Easy to Pack Everything for a Camping Trip

At this point in the summer, most people are done camping. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder so many people aren’t interested in camping anymore. My father will still be camping until the weather starts to get really bad. He loves going camping and usually will not put his camping gear away until he is sure there won’t be anymore nice weekends.

This weekend he is planning to go camping by a lake up in the mountains so that he can spend some time fishing and relaxing by the lake. He already has everything that he needs for the trip packed in his huge hiking backpack. The backpack is big enough to fit everything that he could need for a weekend trip. He usually keeps the backpack packed and ready to go during the summer.

Finding the Right Backpacking Equipment

Going backpacking is something that I have always enjoyed. I think that it can be a fun time for anyone, even if you’re not someone who spends an enormous amount of time outdoors. I just think that it’s the type of activity worth trying before you make any judgments about it.

When I go backpacking, I like to have the latest and greatest backpacking equipment so that I can be sure that I won’t run into any problems on my excursion. It’s important to have everything that you need with you and carrying around a backpack of the right size is a large aspect of this.

Using My Gerber Gator Combo Axe to Chop Wood

Building a fire is, of course, a very important part of camping. In fact, when you think about camping, it’s one of the first things that comes to mind, perhaps after the thought of tents and the general vicinity of the outdoors. Thus, you need to be sure you have everything that can help you build a fire when you go camping.

I always bring along my Gerber Gator combo axe, which is extremely useful when it comes to building a fire. I can use it to chop up any wood in the area and that’s all you really need to start a good fire if you’ve got the patience for it. Once you’ve chopped up the wood, all you need is a good lighter.

What to Put in Your Hiking Backpacks

Having provisions for yourself is important when you go on a hike. A lot of things can potentially go wrong on a hike. You could simply step on a rock the wrong way and twist your ankle or you could fall down a ravine and get stuck somewhere. Either way, there are a lot of reasons to make certain you are prepared for anything on your hike.

That’s why you should have hiking backpacks for each person who is going on the hike. In your backpack, you should make sure to have first aid and food products with you as well as water and whatever else you think you might need to help you out on your hike, such as a navigation device or a flashlight.

Buying My First Backpacking Backpack

This year I have been working really hard on taking my hiking adventures to a whole new level. One of my older brothers has always gone on long backpacking trips with his friends and this year they invited me along. I had never been on a backpacking trip before but I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t slow anyone down. I trained all summer by going on long day hikes.

I bought my first backpacking backpack for the event, but I got it months before I would actually need it. I filled the backpack with everything that I would need during the trip and practiced hiking with this heavy pack on my back. I was really glad that I had put in all of that training by the time that the backpacking trip came around. I didn’t slow anyone down at all.

What I Keep in My Hiking Backpack

If you’re planning on going on a long, strenuous hike, it’d be worth your while to ensure that you have prepared yourself for the hike. I don’t necessarily mean by training for it or anything like that; I simply think that it’s a good idea to be prepared with the items you bring along with you.

For example, on my last hike, I brought a long a hiking backpack that was filled to the brim with everything that I might need on my hike. I brought a delicious chicken sandwich with me for once I got to the end of the hike, as well as a couple of bottles of water and some first aid things just in case.

A Couple of Hiking Compasses for My Little Adventurers

Ever since I allowed my sons to watch a movie about explorers looking for treasure, they have been interested in maps and compasses. This came at a good time since we are camping this weekend and I plan to show them how to really use these tools to find something. I am going to hide some special treats somewhere in our campsite and lead them on a treasure hunt to find it.

I got the boys a pair of hiking compasses so that they would be able to navigate through the directions on the map. I know that they’re really going to enjoy this activity, because I have seen them pretending to look for treasure so many times. Going on a real live treasure hunt while we are out camping in the forest is sure to get the boys really excited about learning to use a compass.

Having the Right Hiking Gear is Important

Hiking can be a very fun hobby for the whole family to enjoy; it can be a leisurely activity that’s a great experience for everyone. It can also be challenging and harrowing and potentially dangerous. It really just depends on the places that you are choosing to go hiking at. Certain areas for hiking are better for beginners and others require quite a bit more experience.

On top of having the experience and the physical prowess, it’s also absolutely vital that you have the correct hiking gear for whatever hike you’re planning on taking on. If you don’t have the right gear, you could really find yourself in a sticky situation if something were to go awry. It’s always better to remain prepared.

Always Prepared with a Waterproof Flashlight

When you’re going camping or hiking, it’s always good to have some products with you that are durable and able to withstand whatever might happen to them. Essentially, it’s just smart to be prepared whenever you can be. This is something that I’ve learned the hard way a number of times and these days I make sure to try to be prepared for anything.

For instance, I like to bring along waterproof items even if I’m not going to be anywhere near a river or a lake. Sometimes there’s a puddle or a creek somewhere and maybe you slip and your flashlight falls into the water and you start beating yourself up in your head for not thinking to bring a waterproof flashlight with you, especially when you could have gotten one so easily.

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