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A Couple of Hiking Compasses for My Little Adventurers

Ever since I allowed my sons to watch a movie about explorers looking for treasure, they have been interested in maps and compasses. This came at a good time since we are camping this weekend and I plan to show them how to really use these tools to find something. I am going to hide […]

Locating Everyone

Given that I have three kids, it can be a hassle having to ask them each and every time they are still out of the house where they are at the moment. There are instances when they even refuse to tell me where they are since they are busy hanging out with their friends or […]

Perfect Trail

Hiking with a global positioning system device has made the practice of finding one’s way much easier. It is always wise to have a traditional map handy just in case the GPS device fails to link up with a satellite that is feeding it information, if the GPS batteries die, or if other unforeseen circumstances […]

Reliability in a Small Package

Ever since GPS systems became available for public use, electronic companies have incorporated this technology to their products. From cell phones and pet tags to laptops and cars, these gadgets can now be located anywhere as long as they have a built-in GPS system. If you’re feeling lost, you can use this technology to find […]

Never Get Lost on a Hike Again

Some people have simply no sense of direction. I know people who cannot even remember the names of the streets they grew up in! I have friends who love to go mountain climbing. They buy all those fancy climbing equipment. Each of them even bought a Garmin Rhino 120 so they could call each other […]

The Outdoor Is the Place to Be

I love the outdoors. It is the place where I recharge my batteries and reflect on my life. Every chance I get I go camping, hiking or mountain biking. Unfortunately, getting lost in the outdoors is also very easy. Heck, if I can get lost inside the mall what more the outdoors. To solve this […]

Garmin hiking GPS

Hikers are typically practical people that will settle only with the best when it comes to their gears. Everything they bring is expected to be functional and highly reliable. This is the main reason why Garmin hiking GPS is one of their top preferences. It is usually affordable but comes with satisfaction guarantee. There are […]

backpacking GPS

Getting loss in the woods or up in a mountain is no joke. Numerous campers and hikers lose their lives that way. Good thing modern technology caught up with us. We now have backpacking GPS to show us our way. Finding our way has gotten easier. Backpacking GPS will pinpoint where we are anywhere in […]

Hiking GPS

Knowing where you are and where you’re going could be very tough especially in outdoor activities like biking, camping or hiking. Hiking GPS eliminates the possibility of getting lost in the forest. It could also enable the hikers to plan their trips ahead. This also allows them to keep track of their location as they […]

DeLorme Earthmate GPS

Satellite technology has greatly improved quality of life. Weather predictions became accurate, live broadcast from anywhere in the world became the norm and global positioning technology invaded our planet. We use GPS tech in cars, phones, golf, hunting and any outdoor sport you can think of. One of the best GPS gadgets out there is […]

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