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Prepared for a Hot Summer with a Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is absolutely necessary when you’re outside. This summer is going to be a particularly warm one and I’m planning on spending plenty of time outdoors, camping and hiking and doing everything else that I enjoy doing when the weather is decent. I want to ensure that I’m staying hydrated through all of it. […]

A Thermal Blanket Keeps Me Warm While Camping

Since I go camping in the mountains if I end up going camping at all, it is often cold at night even if it has been very warm during the day. I hate sleeping out there in the night if the temperature drops since this makes it so that I feel very uncomfortable and have […]

Hiking Daypacks Make it Simple to Carry Snacks and Other Items

Whenever I go hiking, I like to make sure that I bring everything that I might need on a long hike. Even if the hike is only going to be a couple of miles, I want to make sure that I have food and water to keep me from getting to hungry or dehydrated. I […]

Carrying a Heavy Load with External Frame Packs

Depending on what you need a backpack for, you should consider looking at different types of backpacks. For instance, if you do a lot of hiking where you’ll be carrying a backpack while moving at an incline, you’re probably going to benefit the most from internal frame backpacks. Alternatively, if you need the ability to […]

Hiking Sticks Can Be Helpful on More Challenging Hikes

When I first started hiking, I just went on different hikes that were relatively easy and didn’t require much effort. I eventually started to go on more challenging hikes since these were so much more fun and interesting for me to go on. These hikes were sometimes really hard in certain places because of rough […]

Bringing a Camping Backpack to a Music Festival

I’m planning on going to a music festival for the first time this summer, so I want to ensure that I have everything that I’m going to need for when I’m camped out there. It’s going to be a really fun experience but I’d really like to avoid screwing anything up by not being prepared […]

A Molle Gear Backpack is Perfect for Carrying a Large Amount of Things

Whenever I go on a day trip with my children, I find myself having to carry all kinds of things that they need along with me. I have to make sure that I have snacks for them and water along with sippy cups that they can sip drinks out of. I also have to carry […]

Trekking Poles for Easier Times Hiking

When you’re hiking, it can sometimes be helpful to have something that can give you a better grip on things, especially if you’re dealing with rougher terrain. I’ve personally had some really difficult hikes in my past where I wished that I had something that mi8ght have helped me along a bit. That’s why I […]

Why Any Hiker Should Have a Hiking Backpack

I like to make the effort to go on a hike at least once every other weekend, as long as the weather is decent. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and it’s also a really great way to experience the outdoors. There are a lot of amazing places to hike in the […]

An Alps Mountaineering Weekender Seat Keeps Me from Sitting in the Dirt

I am the leader of a Girl Scout troop, which means that during the summer I can often be found out in the woods camping with the kids that I lead. Wherever we go when we are camping, we will usually end up sitting on the ground around a fire or while learning something important. […]

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