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Folding Camping Chairs Hold My Favorite Beverages

I enjoy going camping and I do it fairly often. My favorite camping trips are the ones I go on in the summer, but I also enjoy a winter camping trip on occasion as well. There are some great products that let me fully enjoy any camping destination and one of those products are some […]

Relax in the Rain with a Sport Brella Umbrella

Being outside means you brave the powers of nature. And around here, that almost always includes rain. So whenever I want to go outside, I make sure to bring my huge umbrella that covers a wide area. That way, I can sit on the ground and relax while being protected from the pouring rain. The […]

Finding Komperdell Trekking Poles Parts to Repair My Trekking Poles

At the end of the last hike that I went on, I started to notice that my trekking poles were starting to show more of the wear that they were taking from the different hikes that I was going on. I was very worried about the handles since these were especially worn. I wanted to […]

An Alpen 10×32 Monocular Gives Me a Great View While Hiking

When I was younger, hiking for me was always about making it so that I could rack up accomplishments and tell others about the places that I have gone hiking. I barely ever went hiking just for the experience of being out on the trail enjoying myself. I have started to change as I have […]

A Wooden Hiking Staff Will Be Perfect for Hiking this Year

Since I have often had some trouble getting around things when I get a chance to go hiking, I have started to look for something that might allow me to have a bit more stability when I hike. I don’t like the idea of tripping or falling when I am out in the wilderness. It […]

Buying Hiking Gear Online to Find Great Prices

While I love shopping at outdoors stores that are in my area, I have noticed that the price of items purchased from these stores is regularly more expensive than the price I can find online. I always feel stupid when I buy something from the store and find it cheaper online a few days later. […]

I Am Careful to Take Emergency Food Bars When Hiking

When I go hiking, I always make sure that I am prepared in case I happen to get lost or injured out on the trail. I know that in some cases there are just not people around who will be able to help me or get to me right away. I make sure that I […]

A Wrist Compass Keeps Me On Track On Hikes

I like to do very long and challenging hikes. There’s something about the thrill of the journey and the glory of the outdoors that gets me every time. I like to hike in Alaska and in the snow and go on all kinds of interesting journeys. I love hiking in the mountains and going on […]

A Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad is Perfect for Keeping Cool on Hikes

One of the big problems that I have with hiking during the summer is that I often get way too warm while I am out hiking. I try to stay hydrated as much as possible, but this doesn’t always help when the sun is just beating down on me constantly. I get so hot with […]

A Folding Camp Stool Makes it Comfortable to Sit Beside the Fire

When I go out hiking in the mountains, I will usually bring a backpack filled with supplies that I need for when I stop and make camp. Generally, I will go up the mountain and stay up at the top for the night. Everything that I carry has to be lightweight and has to take […]

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