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Hiking Stoves Help to Replenish Your Energy

If you’re going on a long hiking trip or a camping trip that’s going to include some hiking or other kinds of physical activity, you need to be sure that you bring along something that can help to replenish your energy. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself getting exhausted really quickly. All that you really […]

Getting a New Backpacking Backpack for Christmas

Last summer, I decided that I was going to try out backpacking to see how I liked it. Some of my friends were experienced backpackers so they were able to take me out on a couple of short trips where we were able to live solely out of our backpacks for several days at a […]

Why Many Backpackers are Switching to Internal Frame Backpacks

For many years, it was unheard of to see a backpacker who did not have a backpack with an external frame. External frame backpacks just made sense to backpackers because these carry weight high and away from your back so that you can walk with a better posture and have the frame off of your […]

The Sturdiness of an African Walking Stick

I like going on nature trails and spending time in the wilderness. It’s something that has always been soothing to me and I’ve been doing it for decades. Now that I’m starting to get a little bit older and a little bit frailer, I don’t like to go on the more strenuous hikes, but I […]

What You Should Put in Your Hiking Backpack

When you’re going on a hike, it’s important to be prepared in every sense of the word. You don’t want something to happen while you’re out on a hike and not be prepared for it. There are plenty of things that could potentially happen and you need to have some sort of strategy with how […]

Why I Never Go in the Woods Without My Princeton Tec Headlamps

I am constantly going outside and embarking on adventures. I take hiking excursions, biking excursions, and even go cave diving when it’s available. One thing that I learned is indispensable when you are traveling long distances in remote regions, is the ability to have light on you at all times. I never go anywhere without […]

Purchasing a New Backpack Hydration System

In the summer months, you cannot keep me indoors. My pack sits next to my front door, just waiting for the moment I get off work or have a weekend to myself that I can grab it and head off into the woods for a few days. Because of its heavy use, I soon needed […]

Keeping Your Hands Free with a Pelican Backpack

Keeping your hands free when you’re on an outdoor excursion is a good idea. If you’re anywhere where you might need to think about your balance, it’s smart to ensure that you can have your hands free. That’s why it’s not such a good idea to bring along a bag that you have to carry […]

Watching Birds with Alpen Binoculars

Bird-watching has always been a fun and relaxing hobby for me. It’s something that was introduced to me by my grandmother, who gave me a book about all of the birds that lived in our area and what could be done to spot them or tell them apart from other birds. I read through the […]

Choosing from Backpacking Backpacks

Backpacking has long been a hobby of mine; it’s something I started doing in my late teens and it’s something I still enjoy today. Personally, I like to go backpacking by myself because it allows me to get some alone time and feel the freedom of going off the grid for a little while. It […]

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