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Having the Right Hiking Gear is Important

Hiking can be a very fun hobby for the whole family to enjoy; it can be a leisurely activity that’s a great experience for everyone. It can also be challenging and harrowing and potentially dangerous. It really just depends on the places that you are choosing to go hiking at. Certain areas for hiking are […]

Equipped with a Hiking Stick

Hiking is something that I really like to do with my girlfriend on the weekends. We like to go to all different types of places and try our hand at hiking there; sometimes the hike is leisurely and not difficult at all, while other hikes can be grueling and extremely challenging. Depending on the type […]

A Hiking Staff to Help Make Hikes a Little Bit Easier

I have always been a huge klutz, which means that putting me out on a forest trail is one of the most dangerous things that you can do. If I am not tripping over roots, then I am sure to be crashing into the nearest tree or almost falling off the side of the trail. […]

Exasperated Parent Buys Internal Frame Backpack

I don’t know what my eleven-year-old daughter does to her school backpack, but we have gone through three this school year alone. The third one was even from the camping section of the store rather than the school supplies area, so one would presume it would be a little tougher. But apparently Harry Potter books […]

Not Just a Canteen – a Hydration System

Hydration is a very important thing, as I realized anew this weekend to my chagrin, because I had a stomach bug or something. But even when you’re not sick, water is the most important part of your intake. Fluids are often the first line of defense for everything from weight loss to sunstroke treatment. So […]

What a Great Idea – the Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern

Have you ever been camping and you ran out of propane or whatever fuel you used for your lantern and your camp stove or whatever? Or you had to choose between the camp stove and the lantern because you didn’t have enough fuel for both? I have, and it’s a pain in the neck, because […]

Hey, Boo Boo! Browning Yellowstone Sleeping Bag!

Yeah, yeah, Jellystone, I know. But I had to do it. I love that Browning names its sleeping bags after famous places to camp; I think that’s pretty cool. Or very warm, as the case may be. So the one named McKinley is good down to 0 Fahrenheit, the Klondike keeps the sleeper warm down […]

Hiking with a Waterproof Bag

I enjoy hiking in the rain. I realize that may sound strange to some people, but it is true. I don’t like to hike when it is hot and sunny. It just makes me feel sweaty and gross. I much prefer hiking with the rain falling onto my face and soaking my hair. It’s like […]

Helpful Hiking Daypacks

I remember hiking, back when I had energy and time (because now I’m overweight, a mother of three, a full-time employee and a full-time student). I enjoyed it at the time, and as soon as I have my Bachelor of Science in Communications (just a few more months!) I will be able to carve out […]

On a Mission with a Hiking Stick

I have gone on some really intense hikes in the past. Never have I brought along some sort of stick to aid me in my journey. I have always found it easier to scramble up cliff sides without a stick to get in my way. However, I understand that there are some trails where going […]

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