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What a Great Idea – the Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern

Have you ever been camping and you ran out of propane or whatever fuel you used for your lantern and your camp stove or whatever? Or you had to choose between the camp stove and the lantern because you didn’t have enough fuel for both? I have, and it’s a pain in the neck, because […]

Hey, Boo Boo! Browning Yellowstone Sleeping Bag!

Yeah, yeah, Jellystone, I know. But I had to do it. I love that Browning names its sleeping bags after famous places to camp; I think that’s pretty cool. Or very warm, as the case may be. So the one named McKinley is good down to 0 Fahrenheit, the Klondike keeps the sleeper warm down […]

Hiking with a Waterproof Bag

I enjoy hiking in the rain. I realize that may sound strange to some people, but it is true. I don’t like to hike when it is hot and sunny. It just makes me feel sweaty and gross. I much prefer hiking with the rain falling onto my face and soaking my hair. It’s like […]

Super Accurate Sighting Compass

I have a compass. I’ve had it for (gulp!) 35 years, since I was a ten-year-old Girl Scout learning the ways of the woods and earning a badge for hiking. I kept it for sentimental value – as a suburbanite I don’t have much current use for it – and when I saw a need […]

Souvenir of Inexpensive Compact Binoculars

Any time my family went on a trip, my sister and I would be given a certain amount of money to spend on souvenirs. It was always great to have vacation money, because we could get the weird things that we wanted during these trips. Most of the time, these items would be small toys […]

Never Gets Lost

It was my first time to join a group of hunters last weekend. I didn’t really know the place we were going to. It was my first time either, to go there so I was a little nervous. I always had this fear of getting lost so I never went even just a few meters […]

Our Home Outdoors

I belong to a group of campers. Last week, we went to a camp site that was far from where I live. I told my group mates I’d bring our tent. I was confident that it would accommodate all of us since the new tent dad bought me was big and spacious. It even had […]

Logos All Around

The bar we went to last night was the coolest! It was the only place I’d seen with sports theme all over. I was just so amazed by how the set up was inside it. Even the monitors showed interesting ball games of all times. I discovered later on that the owner of that very […]

My Boy’s New Toy

My boyfriend is a chef. There’s no special occasion but I want to give him something very special. I want to support my guy with whatever passion he has. And so, I’m buying him a thing that he can use while cooking. Wherever my master chef goes, I want him to take me with him […]

Boy Scout Camping Weekend

We got the school’s calendar of activities for our little guy just the other day. We are so excited because his grade will finally be able to join Boy Scouts! He has wanted to be one ever since he was in pre-school. They will be meeting twice a week after school and have activities lined […]

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