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Different Types of Hiking Tents

Temporary shelter is always vital in every backpacking adventure that you engage in. This is where you and your family or friends could rest after a long and tiring walk. Hiking tents should therefore be the first item in your checklist whenever you are organizing a hiking trip. Aside from their function as resting place, […]

Avoid Back Pain When Backpacking

Avoid getting a nasty back ache after trekking for miles. Learn how to pack a backpack if you are going hiking or camping up in the mountains. There is a certain order you must follow when stuffing stuff into the pack. This is because you want to get balanced weight distribution to ease the strain […]

Hiking Stick 0

By now, you must already be convinced of the benefits of using a walking stick. If you are planning to get one for yourself, check out the considerations that you should look for. A hiking stick may be made of these materials – composite fiber, wood, aluminum and plastic. Each will have its advantages and […]

Take Only the Light Essentials

Hiking can be truly fun and exciting especially for people who love the unpredictable adventure that comes with it. It would be more fruitful however; if you could bring everything that you need outdoors. Hiking supplies are typically lightweight and portable. They may be necessary but the ease (or difficulty) of carrying them around should […]

Insulated Lunch Boxes

Bring freshly cooked hot food or cold drinks to work without worrying about losing their optimum temperature after a few hours. Choose from various types of Thermos lunch boxes that are insulated and leak proof. Some models even have durable zippered pouches for convenient storage of extra items like car keys or a cell phone. […]

Hiking sticks

Keep your balance while you cross rivers, streams or creeks and while carrying heavy loads when you are exploring mountain trails. Hiking sticks are used by many hikers not because these things are popular or fashionable. Bringing a hiking stick along is simply common sense. It will prolong the life of your legs and feet, […]


There are many ways to see things in a different light. Binoculars, in particular, enjoy many uses. From bird watching and hunting to sightseeing and astronomy, different types of binoculars have design specifications that make them uniquely suited for a particular function. However, the two major concerns you have to keep in mind when it […]

backpacking tips

Hiking is one of the most exciting outdoor activities that one can engage into. This will give you the opportunity to be one with nature. However, you should follow some basic backpacking tips to ensure a safe and fun-filled activity. These usually include the perfect location to go to, the things that you should bring […]

hiking staff

Be sure to equip yourself adequately when you go hiking. A hiking staff can get you going, faster and with more confidence. It will be a walking companion when you want to be alone to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can cross a field with ease if you have something to help you keep […]

Banks Lake hiking

Experience the best that the Eastern Washington area can offer. The Columbia Plateau and Steamboat Rock state park are just among some of the popular attractions you will see. Discover why Banks Lake hiking areas are truly amazing. You can stay in one of the resorts that surround the lake. Be amazed how these famous […]

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