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For City Dwellers

There are those who have been living in the city for so long. They have grown up looking at concrete walls. They only see nature mostly in television and in the movies. This is a very sad fact among a lot of city dwellers. These people don’t really know what it really feels like to […]

A Backpack Tent Known for Durability and Toughness

Some tents are especially made for the backpacker. They are lightweight and yet they come complete with features that will protect against the elements. Vents allow for cross ventilation to ensure sleeping comfort. These tents can accommodate from one to as many as four people. They come in a duffel cover that can be converted […]

Lean On Me

Some people were meant for the great outdoors. These are the mountain climbers, the forest rangers, adventure racers, marathoners, cyclists and nature photographers. I once dated a guy who loved hiking, trekking and camping. He would invite me every so often to go climbing with him and his friends. He would show up at my […]

Best for Packing

The great outdoors appeals to a lot of people. If you love hiking or exploring parks and wildlife, you are the outdoorsy type. If you hang out with some mountain climbers you will become familiar with their gear. They don’t just have the usual tents, cooking stoves and jackets; they have other portable and practical […]

Breathe the Clean Air

Because of the green movement, more and more people are trekking to the outdoors. If you are planning to do so for the first time, it’s best to go on a hiking day trip first. No overnighters. It’s safer that way. It’s also cheaper. Hiking gear, especially the good ones, can cost you a small […]

Hiking Is Not As Easy At It Looks

My first ever hiking experience was very difficult. When I saw some of my companions carrying a hiking staff with them, I didn’t pay much attention to it. That proved to be a big mistake. I did not expect the trail to be so slippery and steep. By the time we got to our campsite, […]

Hiking Gear

The particulars of what to take with you on a hike will be very much determined by the kind of trip you’re intending to make. The weather, location, length of trip, the amount of weight you wish to carry, whether you’re camping or not and your own individual needs will all have a bearing on […]

Take a Hike

Experience the startlingly expansive view of gazing over land in four states – South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. A lot of people have discovered this wonder on top of Harney Peak. They trek mostly along Trail No. 9, the most popular route to the top of the tallest point in the U.S. east of […]

Types of Hiking Sticks

My first hiking experience was the hardest I’ve had. When I saw some of my companions carrying wood hiking sticks with them, I said to myself that I didn’t need one. I did not expect the trail to be so slippery and steep. By the time we got to our campsite, my legs were sore. […]

Different Types of Hiking Tents

Temporary shelter is always vital in every backpacking adventure that you engage in. This is where you and your family or friends could rest after a long and tiring walk. Hiking tents should therefore be the first item in your checklist whenever you are organizing a hiking trip. Aside from their function as resting place, […]

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