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There are many ways to see things in a different light. Binoculars, in particular, enjoy many uses. From bird watching and hunting to sightseeing and astronomy, different types of binoculars have design specifications that make them uniquely suited for a particular function. However, the two major concerns you have to keep in mind when it […]

backpacking tips

Hiking is one of the most exciting outdoor activities that one can engage into. This will give you the opportunity to be one with nature. However, you should follow some basic backpacking tips to ensure a safe and fun-filled activity. These usually include the perfect location to go to, the things that you should bring […]

hiking staff

Be sure to equip yourself adequately when you go hiking. A hiking staff can get you going, faster and with more confidence. It will be a walking companion when you want to be alone to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can cross a field with ease if you have something to help you keep […]

Banks Lake hiking

Experience the best that the Eastern Washington area can offer. The Columbia Plateau and Steamboat Rock state park are just among some of the popular attractions you will see. Discover why Banks Lake hiking areas are truly amazing. You can stay in one of the resorts that surround the lake. Be amazed how these famous […]

walking sticks

I’m very concern with regards to my personal safety. I’ve taken and taught numerous self defense classes. I’ve surrounded myself with numerous non lethal weapons. The easiest weapons to use as well as get is walking sticks. You can make your own or buy one anywhere. Walking sticks are great tools in the outdoors. You […]

Intak steel hydration bottle

To the runner, hydration is important. The effort that runners exert causes water to be released in the form of sweat. Sweat cools the skin and keeps the body temperature regulated. The more the runner exerts the more the body needs water. This process results in loss of salt and electrolytes. It is because of […]

hiking backpack

Backpacks come in many different forms and sizes. Before going to the store to buy your hiking backpack, it is important to know the number of days you’ll be gone for a hike. For a day hike, there are backpacks designed to contain items for a day of fun and adventure. The capacities of these […]

hiking backpack

If you are going on a hiking, be sure to have a durable backpack for a stress-free outdoor fun. Buy a hiking backpack that’s of highest quality. There are stores that sell them in different designs and features. Most hiking backpacks are made with multi-compartment to make room for extra belongings. This should be one […]

Washington hiking

In your excitement it will be easy to forget some of the essential things to take care of before you drive off for your hiking adventure. Hiking is fun but not so much in the rain. Be sure to check the weather forecast and be prepared with rain protection. It is also a good idea […]

hiking backpacks

You can plan an overnight hiking trip; or you can make it an extended vacation in the wilderness. Your choice will dictate the type of backpack that you will need. The more things you have to bring the more crucial is the quality of your choice. Generally, your choice of hiking backpacks will be between […]

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