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Fun In The Water

My family and I decided to buy a beach front property for our vacation home. Back then we would simply rent out one of these homes for our usual vacation. When one of the houses displayed the sign that they were selling their vacation house, my wife and I instantly discussed the possibility of getting […]

Out For Days

These days, the effects of climate change and global warming has resulted in various disasters and natural calamities. This is brought in by the effects of our actions over the years, and it is for this reason why we are all suffering for it. Lately, various locations all over the world have been experiencing the […]

Lightweight Bags

When we take a trip in the outdoors, it is important for us to take as less load as possible without having to compromise our safety. There are those who take too much items with them, and would eventually give up halfway through the destination because the load they are carrying is just too much. […]

Great Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

ALPS Mountaineering is a small company located in Missouri with a big mission which is to “provide more gear for more people.” All their products which include tents, sleeping bags, and air pads are designed with the consumer in mind. The company wants them to have comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experiences. They are able to […]

The Checklist

Before you head on out to the outdoors for a hiking trip with your friends, it is important that you plan out the trip first in order to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. You may not be a fan of making lists, but given the terrain and the risks which you may […]

On Hills and Hiking

Taking hikes is one of the popular outdoor activities for most of us. It provides us the pleasure of discovering new places and allows us to appreciate the wonders of nature. The overwhelming feeling when you have reached a particular peak is the reason why others love this sport. It provides them a certain goal […]

Climb and Have Fun

My friends and I have been climbing mountains since we were in college. In fact, that was where we all met. It was the orientation climb of an organization and we just clicked off immediately. Back then, all of us were young and the money we used for climbs came from our parents. Though for […]

Great Outdoor Adventures

The kind of equipment a hiker will need will depend on the type of hiking being done. Long-term hiking, more commonly known as backpacking, will require more hiking equipment that is specifically designed for long distance hiking, while day hikers will need significantly less equipment. Both types of hikers will want to carefully consider hiking […]

No Hassles

When you are out with your friends for that great outdoor adventure, the last thing you would need is to worry about the heavy load you would have to carry with you. At the very least you would need to pack only the essentials, and leave out the stuff that you can do without. This […]

Pack and Go

The most common types of hiking backpacks are day packs, internal frame packs, and external frame packs. Each of these backpacks are designed for different purposes and generally carry a different amount of cargo. The best hiking backpacks are those that will fulfill your specific needs. It will generally depend on the type of hiking […]

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