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hiking backpack

If you are going on a hiking, be sure to have a durable backpack for a stress-free outdoor fun. Buy a hiking backpack that’s of highest quality. There are stores that sell them in different designs and features. Most hiking backpacks are made with multi-compartment to make room for extra belongings. This should be one […]

Washington hiking

In your excitement it will be easy to forget some of the essential things to take care of before you drive off for your hiking adventure. Hiking is fun but not so much in the rain. Be sure to check the weather forecast and be prepared with rain protection. It is also a good idea […]

hiking backpacks

You can plan an overnight hiking trip; or you can make it an extended vacation in the wilderness. Your choice will dictate the type of backpack that you will need. The more things you have to bring the more crucial is the quality of your choice. Generally, your choice of hiking backpacks will be between […]


Our world is getting more hi tech everyday. People are carrying more and more electronic gadgets. We have cellular phones, laptops, mp3 players and gaming machines. To carry all these, people use daypacks. They are light and have adequate pockets to accommodate all the gadgets. Daypacks are small backpacks. They are made specifically to carry […]

Eastern Washington hiking

The Northwestern States are arguable the outdoors capital of America. They are home to some of Americas most beautiful natural sites. If you want to camp, hike, fish, bike, and swim this is the place to be. Washington State is a good starting point to explore the outdoors. Eastern Washington hiking is lots of fun. […]

backpack chair

Outdoor activities are so much fun especially if you don’t have to worry about being unable to sit once you get tired. Good thing backpack chair has been made available to the market. Top brands are typically made of durable Ash hardwood, stainless steel hardware and heavyweight polyester. It is simply an outdoor chair designed […]

titanium pocket knife

Backpacking in the woods can be very tiring when you are carrying a heavy load. After all, you’ll have to bring all the essential things you’ll need to survive out in the wilds. Don’t add to the weight. For your survival tool, bring a titanium pocket knife instead. Titanium is a lightweight metal alloy that […]

hiking tent

Packing for a hiking trip is complicated enough for the solo traveler. It can get even more so when you bring the family along with you. Children love to go hiking with the family. But since they cannot be expected to be a big help in carrying things the brunt of the carrying will fall […]

Boker pocket knives

Precise cutting jobs while in the outdoors require good knives that will not fail you. Trust Boker pocket knives to do the job which have been designed with such attention to quality. They are very hardworking and are as reliable as they are good-looking. Boker continues to carry on the strong tradition of making the […]

Hiking stick

Crossing a flat terrain is truly easy but could get really boring. This is the reason why adventurous hikers go for uneven, rocky or slippery terrain. Hiking stick is necessary to pass through these areas. This could aide with one’s balance and a perfect tool for self defense. This can also be used as a […]

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