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Preparing for a Hike

Going hiking is an enjoyable way of getting exercise and benefiting from the goodness of nature. You are out there to give yourself a healthy treat; make sure you are well prepared. Get yourself a lumbar pack to carry your essentials. Lumbar packs are hiker’s bags carried on the lower back. It is designed to […]

Hiker’s Friend

I have always loved to go hiking. Although I don’t get to hike the trails that often, I still try to do some exploring every now and then. One of the things that I always have in my closet are my hiking boots. These boots have been with me for close to ten years now. […]

Basic Hiking Tools

One of my favorite weekend activities is to go hiking in the local mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Did I mention I live in Seattle? I just moved here a little over 2 years ago and I couldn’t be happier with the abundance of natural beauty that surrounds the area. So far I’ve visited five […]

Outdoor Trekking

Getting out of the comfort of one’s humble abode can be quite a rewarding experience. Hiking is fun when done with three or more people. A hike can be romantic too for couples. Man needs to remain in contact with the environment. People who have been exposed to too much comfort from the most urban […]

Tents for Backpackers

Travel light so you can move faster and be more comfortable carrying your gear while hiking. Aside from being a minimalist with your clothes and camping tools, make sure you also bring a backpacking tent with you. This tent type is lightweight and extremely durable. A 2-person Eureka backpack tent, for instance, is loaded with […]

A Lightweight Tent with Big Features and Function

Texsport carries a line of tents that are perfect for your favourite outdoor activities. They are made of quality materials but are offered at prices that will allow you to make a savings. They are available in different styles, designs and sizes. Check them out whether you are looking for hiking, dome, biking or family […]

A Camping Stove that Burns all Kinds of Fuel

Portable stoves are great to take along camping trips. It saves campers the trouble of reviewing what they learned as young boy scouts – how to start a fire. Portable stoves are, in fact, useful also at home. It can come in handy in times of power outages most probably due to natural disasters. It […]

Tents for Hikers

Don’t let harsh overnight elements ruin your enjoyment of camping. Keep yourself protected with a quality tent. Some of the best camping locations require hiking to get there. So good backpacking tents have to be right for the location, weather, number of people who will sleep in them, and length of stay. When shopping for […]

Go for Brands of Tents Known for their Quality

You could be daunted by the different kinds of tents in the stores. They vary in terms of designs, materials and features. Of course, there will be different sizes to accommodate every need. A beginner is well advised to go with brands that are noted for their quality. He will not go wrong with Eureka […]

Quality Knives from Hunters and Fishermen

Another outstanding knife manufacturer started deep in the soil of Norrbotten, Sweden. Fallkniven knives are nurtured by a true family firm. They claim to be hunters and fishermen for decades and this helps them in coming out with some of the best quality knives. This is reflected in the design, safety and efficiency of their […]

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